It all began with a memory

Sirena tuna since 1956


A new beginning

In 1949, the Valmorbida family immigrated to Australia from Italy. Longing for the flavours and tastes of their homeland, they embarked on a project to bring Italy’s best loved foods to the Australian community.

Unable to find a great quality canned tuna to suit the Italian palate, the Valmorbida brothers developed the famous Sirena flavour, at the heart of which is the best available Italian extra virgin olive oil and, of course, the most succulent premium tuna.


Inspired by Italy, born in Australia

Sirena Tuna began in 1956 as a passion for high quality Italian food and a desire to share great tasting food with the community. Since those early days, Sirena (which is the Italian word for mermaid) has crafted a reputation as a delicious, premium quality tuna with its iconic mermaid logo and yellow tin.


Maria Luisa

In the 1970s the Valmorbida’s purchased Maria Luisa FV, at the time the largest tuna fishing boat in Australia. By the 1980s, the boat couldn’t keep up with supply. So the family searched for suppliers around the world with the expertise and manufacturing capabilities needed to meet the demand for Sirena tuna in Australia, while adhering to Sirena’s exacting standard.



Their special recipe was eventually taken to Thailand, the world centre of tuna manufacturing, and the family worked closely with suppliers to reproduce the same well-loved flavour, and the signature pink, fleshy tuna chunks.

Sirena’s tuna in oil was originally sold only through markets and delicatessens specialising in European products and imports. Over the years so many Australians came to love the Sirena taste that it became available in every major supermarket.


Australia's premium tuna

Today’s Valmorbida family members continue to ensure Sirena meets the standards set more than 60 years ago. Their dream of a great tuna for all Australians remains a reality.

Sirena’s focus on maintaining its position as Australia’s premium tuna has led to leadership in sustainability. Sirena uses 100% pole and line caught tuna.

You can find out more about Sirena’s sustainability here.